Panasonic SCHTE80EBK Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer Bluetooth & Nfc Pairing


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The black Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Speakerboard Wireless Sound System packs dynamic bass response and beautifully clear high frequencies to augment your TV and movie watching.
Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this Panasonic soundbar enables you to wirelessly connect with any Bluetooth-enabled TV set for optimum positioning convenience.

You`ll be able to enjoy wirelessly music stored on your smartphone or PC if it`s equipped with Bluetooth too, giving you a great way to enjoy all your different music collections in the comfort of your living room. Share the audio magic with family members or enjoy a convenient way to entertain friends.

With its two internal subwoofers and dual aero stream ports, the Panasonic HT-E80EBK Speakerboard is able to achieve truly deep and exhilarating bass sounds.

The soundbar uses unique sound processing technology to add harmonic bass to low-frequency audio signals, making orchestral scores, on-screen impacts, game soundtracks and urgent dialogue that much more compelling and engaging.

Enjoy stable sound quality and sound tailored to specific scene content with six preset equaliser modes that emphasize or reduce overtones, harmonics or noise. Choose from Standard, Stadium, Music, Cinema, News and Stereo to maximise your entertainment.

You`re ensured of consistently clear sound without music signal interference from obstructions.

Compact and slim, the Panasonic SC-HTE80EB-K Speakerboard Wireless Sound System in black fits easily under your TV or inside a rack, keeping your entertainment area neat and clean while pumping out high-grade home cinema audio.