Bose MusicMonitorSlv Desktop Speakers In SILVER


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Bose`s premium two-piece amplified system is their smallest—and their best. Yet it delivers sound you`d expect from much larger speakers. Enjoy lifelike stereo performance from your laptop, PC and portable audio sources, including an MP3 or DVD player.

Introducing the BOSE® Computer MusicMonitor®, our finest two-piece computer speaker system. It was created to satisfy the growing number of computer users who

enjoy music and other entertainment from their laptops and PCs take sound quality seriously, and
want a space-saving computer speaker option for their desk and work area

The system`s unexpected performance results from the latest in BOSE® amplifier technology combined with new, U.S. patented acoustic design, highly efficient neodymium speakers and BOSE® digital signal

Until now, rich, satisfying computer sound had been possible only from much larger speakers or three-piece systems with a bass module. The BOSE® Computer MusicMonitor® has no bass module, yet offers surprisingly full, rich sound with deep low notes—and frees up space on and around your desk.

Together, these technologies allow the BOSE® Computer MusicMonitor® to deliver accurate, full-range sound surprising for its size.